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The Ultimate Different Seasons Quiz


Multi-million selling author Stephen King is most famous for his horror works, but the literary genius can also turn his hand to more straightforward drama too.

Different Seasons, released in 1982, is a collection of four novellas written by King: amazingly three of them have since been turned into feature films, with the most famous surely being Rita Heyworth and Shawshank Redemption, which was, of course, adapted to become the cinematic classic Shawshank Redemption in 1994.

See how well you know this collection - Rita Heyworth and Shawshank Redemption, Apt Pupil, The Body and The Breathing Method - by taking our tricky quiz.



Can you name the most popular single for every year since 1990?

Some of these will come as a shock

by Tom Victor
22 Jun 2017

Do you know what all the letters in Scrabble are worth?

All-important for that triple word score

by Dave Fawbert
22 Jun 2017

How many recurring characters from 'The Simpsons' can you name?

It's time to challenge your mates

by Tom Victor
22 Jun 2017

Quiz: Mark Corrigan quote or Guardian headline?

Can you spot the Peep Show line from the Comment Is Free opinion?

by Tristan Cross
22 Jun 2017

How many of these 'Sopranos' characters can you name?

Challenge your mates in the comments

by Sam Diss
20 Jun 2017

Can you guess the Tube line from a black and white map?

Props to anyone who gets the full 11/11

by Gary Ogden
16 Jun 2017

Can you name the sportswear brands which have been mashed together?

Bet you a tenner you won't get them all

by Gary Ogden
02 Jun 2017

How good is your 'Simpsons' colour memory?

We challenge you to get at least 10/13

01 Jun 2017

Can you beat your mates in this quiz of all 50 European flags?

Any more than 35 and you're definitely doing well

by Alex Finnis
01 Jun 2017

Can you pass the ultimate Beatles lyrics quiz?

Prove you're a true fan and beat your mates

26 May 2017