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Could you be best friends with The Rock?


You (non-gender specific) guys know The Rock right? Big fella, used to be a wrestler, now a massive actor, probably going to be President?

Well The Rock has had a long and storied history in the public eye, and every now and again we remember a weird “OMG remember when he did…?” moment.

So we took some of those and put it in a quiz.

Try and beat it – if you do you get to be best friends forever. He’s agreed to it. Promise.




We just took one step closer to The Rock becoming president


At school, everyone thought The Rock was an undercover police officer


The Rock really hates this one emoji because it isn't manly enough


Can we guess your social class from just these 8 questions?

We bet we can get it...

by Alex Finnis
23 Aug 2017

Can we guess your personality from your cooked breakfast choices?

Beans or no beans? What type of eggs?

by Tom Victor
21 Aug 2017

Can you get 20/20 in this world capital city quiz?

Anything above 15 is still a good score

by Tom Victor
18 Aug 2017

Could you pass GCSE Science now?

A* pupil or total failure?

by Emily Reynolds
18 Aug 2017

Can we guess where in Britain you're from based on your food tastes?

Chips with gravy or curry sauce?

17 Aug 2017

How Arsenal are you *actually*?

Are you more Gooner than Claude?

by Tom Victor
16 Aug 2017

Can you pass this really tricky spelling test?

More than 15/20 and you're good

by Emily Reynolds
16 Aug 2017

Could you win 'Pointless'?

Test yourself with real questions from the BBC show

by Tom Victor
14 Aug 2017

Can you name the authors of the Great American Novels?

Can you tell your Gatsby from your Gilead?

by Emily Reynolds
11 Aug 2017

Only a true genius can match these words to their subject fields

Are you as smart as you think?

by Tom Victor
11 Aug 2017