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Can you name the sportswear brand logos which have been mashed together?


Sportswear logos. Pretty recognisable, right? Yeah, right.

But WHAT ON EARTH happens when some bloke with too much time on his hands merges two logos together in an image editing suite? What then? How easy to recognise are they then?

They are not easy then. They are not easy at all.

Don’t believe me? See how many you can get then, Mr. Smarty Poops:



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More than 15/20 and you're good

by Emily Reynolds
16 Aug 2017

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by Tom Victor
14 Aug 2017

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Can you tell your Gatsby from your Gilead?

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11 Aug 2017

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Are you as smart as you think?

by Tom Victor
11 Aug 2017

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You Are The Agent

by Tom Victor
10 Aug 2017

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This is nigh-on impossible

by Emily Reynolds
09 Aug 2017

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If you had more than half of these, you definitely grew up in Britain

by Tom Victor
01 Aug 2017

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Who knew Mike Tyson supports...

by Tom Victor
01 Aug 2017

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Matic is the eighth - can you name the other seven?

by Tom Victor
01 Aug 2017

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by Tristan Cross
31 Jul 2017