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Michael Caine Quiz


Michael Caine has managed to remain cool from the 50s up until the whatever you call the decade we're in now. For this, we're a bit jealous. We managed one day of being cool back in 1998.

This week we've remembered one of his best films Get Carter and also given you 20 pieces of advice from the characters he's played and while doing our intense Caine research we decided to put together this equally intense quiz. If you manage to score full marks then you're temporarily as cool as he is. Temporarily.

(Image: Rex Features)



Quiz: Are you posh or are you just middle class?

Put your class where your mouth is

27 Jul 2017

Can you name the top-rated horror films of the 21st century?

This is scarily difficult (geddit?!)

by Tom Victor
27 Jul 2017

Quiz: Match the animated characters with the actor who voiced them

Hope you stayed for the credits

by Matt Tate
25 Jul 2017

Could you be best friends with The Rock?

Pass this quiz to become friends for life

by Carl Anka
24 Jul 2017

Can we guess your social class from your food tastes?

You are what you eat

by Alex Finnis
21 Jul 2017

Match the 'Peep Show' quote to the character who said it

Are you a true Peep Show fan? Prove it...

by Emily Reynolds
19 Jul 2017

Which tube line matches your personality?

Are you a Jubilee James or a Northern Norman?

by Gary Ogden
14 Jul 2017

Can you name every episode of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'?

The Gang...

by Tom Victor
14 Jul 2017

Can you name all the remaining 'Game of Thrones' characters?

They're not all dead quite yet...

by Matt Tate
14 Jul 2017

How bad at your job are you?

Now you have a quiz to find out!

by Emily Reynolds
13 Jul 2017