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Only a true genius can match these words to their subject fields


We all think we’re smarter than we are. Yes, even you.

Show me someone who has never used a big word without really knowing what it means, and I’ll show you a liar.

However, while you can’t always guess the meaning of a word automatically, you can probably get a vague idea of what it might mean just from its spelling.

The following 15 words come from a variety of different fields, but can you work out which belongs to which?

(Images: Rex Features/Frinkiac)



Who said it: Alan Partridge or Noel Edmonds?


Can you spot the odd one out in this London Underground quiz?


Can you get full marks in our poker quiz?


Can you get 20/20 in this world capital city quiz?

Anything above 15 is still a good score

by Tom Victor
18 Aug 2017

Could you pass GCSE Science now?

A* pupil or total failure?

by Emily Reynolds
18 Aug 2017

Can we guess where in Britain you're from based on your food tastes?

Chips with gravy or curry sauce?

17 Aug 2017

How Arsenal are you *actually*?

Are you more Gooner than Claude?

by Tom Victor
16 Aug 2017

Can you pass this really tricky spelling test?

More than 15/20 and you're good

by Emily Reynolds
16 Aug 2017

Could you win 'Pointless'?

Test yourself with real questions from the BBC show

by Tom Victor
14 Aug 2017

Can you name the authors of the Great American Novels?

Can you tell your Gatsby from your Gilead?

by Emily Reynolds
11 Aug 2017

Can you guess what these Premier League footballers earn in a week?

You Are The Agent

by Tom Victor
10 Aug 2017

Who said it: Alan Partridge or Noel Edmonds?

This is nigh-on impossible

by Emily Reynolds
09 Aug 2017

How typically British was your childhood diet?

If you had more than half of these, you definitely grew up in Britain

by Tom Victor
01 Aug 2017