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There's been a big development in the Making A Murderer case


Provoking more conspiracy theories than a UFO spotter’s convention in Nevada, the fallout surrounding Netflix’s hit documentary Making a Murderer continues to abound.

Barely a week goes by in which some new nugget of information isn’t revealed about the case of Steven Avery, the Wisconcin man sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Teresa Halbach on his family’s scrapyard in 2005 - which also saw his nephew Brendan Dassey jailed for the same crime.

So far we’ve seen complaints levelled at Manitowoc County law enforcement for framing Avery, a petition demanding his release go all the way to The White House (with no luck), old interrogation tapes unearthed, new evidence spotted by eagle-eyed Reddit users, and one of Avery’s former lawyers, Dean Stang, turned into an unlikely internet sex icon (don’t ask, it’s a Strang Thang).

But here comes a development we really didn’t see coming: Earl Avery, one of Steven’s two brothers notably absent from the decade-in-the-making all-access doc, has broken his silence for a TV interview with Access Hollywood.

Speaking about the night Teresa Halbach was murdered, Earl claimed her car was not even on their land before police found it: 

"We drove right through there, where that car was supposed to be and it wasn’t there. That night of the 31st, we were rabbit hunting," he said.

Hinting it might well have been a cover-up by law officials, Earl also gave his opinion on the lack of blood found in the garage where police retrieved a bullet:

"If somebody's going to slice somebody's throat, you know, there's going to be blood – something. And they say they cleaned up in the garage, but there's all dust and everything all over everything. How do you clean up and then put the dust back?”

Though what’s also worth also bearing in mind is how Earl's sudden desire to speak about the case comes just weeks after The Wrap obtained a 2009 court filing which revealed Stephen believed his brothers had motive and means to kill Halbach themselves. Namely as a way of framing "Steven over money, a share of the family business, and over Jodi Stachowski," his former girlfriend.

Moreover, with Stephen’s brothers also guilty of a dark past (Charles has a history of assault against women, while Earl was charged with sexually assaulting his two daughters in 1995) it's enough to make you think that someone’s pouring further fuel on the corrupt police force/frame-up theory in bid to keep their own name out of the headlines.

Not that it’s all good PR for Steven right now. Michael Griesbach, a former Deputy Attorney General who once represented him, claims that the Netflix series is deeply biased towards the Avery family, even going so far as to paint Avery as a “sadistic, violent killer” who bore all the hallmarks of a sociopath when he once doused a cat in petrol and threw it onto a fire - a crime he was jailed for, shortly before going serving another 18 years in prison for a wrongful sexual assault conviction in 1985.

Meanwhile, Steven’s new defence lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, has just given an interview on US TV, stating that developments in scientific testing since her client was convicted in 2007 could be the key to overturning his conviction.

“Generally, since 2007, there have been significant advances in forensic testing... the clearest way to do this is with scientific testing. Am I going to tell you exactly what it is? I am not. But it’s been a long time. There was a lot of evidence that wasn’t tested".

The plot thickens.



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