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October 30th, 2013

Rising: @graysonperry

There are plenty of people on Twitter who have the same name as someone slightly more famous. This isn't that Nik Kershaw, for example. @jonathanross is probably quite weary of fielding tweets intended for @wossy. @davidcameron is, in his own words "a dude from America who is more awesome than the prime minister". And so on.

@graysonperry, bless him, is 7 years old, lives in America, and seems to have become aware of Turner Prize winning artist Grayson Perry CBE after people tweeted him messages of praise for his series of Reith Lectures. But he's only 7, he hasn't delivered any Reith Lectures, and he doesn't know what Radio 4 is because he can't pick up the BBC on his transistor radio.

Sometimes, our Grayson sounds a bit narked. particularly when he gets mistaken for his famous namesake by the former assistant editor of The Times:

Sometimes he sounds as if a tantrum is brewing:

But at other times he's more sanguine about it. You know, when you're seven years old these things can seem incredibly important, but at other times they just sail on by.

Anyway, in the absence of the artist Grayson Perry CBE on Twitter, young Grayson's Twitter account is the first hit when you search on Google for "Grayson Perry Twitter". And his presence on social media has become very much about one issue – rebutting the constant allegations of being a cross-dressing potter.

His unerringly accurate spelling has not gone unnoticed:

And this might lead you to suspect that a parent was somehow involved, seeing as he's been tweeting since he was 2 years old:

And sure enough, daddy does have something to do with it.

Wonder how long it'll take before daddy gets bored?




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