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The Star Wars: Force Awakens Trailer In Flashing Neon

In the Star Wars universe, there is only one belief that the two warring factions of Jedi and Sith are entirely united on. That's right - the more colourful the weapon the more effective it is.
So perhaps it’s for this very reason that just a week after giving Jurassic Park the neon treatment, digital illustration genius Neonardo has turned his attentions to giving the already colourful shenanigans in the recent teaser for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens the neon treatment.
Overlaying the entire minute and a half of J. J. Abrams teaser with thick neon lines and a pitch black background, the action looks twice as spectacular this time around. Unsurprisingly, the crossguard lightsaber, apparently wielded by Adam Driver’s baddie, looks superb.
As well as evoking memories of classic pinball machines, it also gives us further encouragement to give the Force Awakens trailer another airing. 
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