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Brand logos get Rorschach-ed


The ink-blot, or Rorschach test, has become an iconic part of psychoanalysis. Where some people might see a kitten, others might see a bludgeoned corpse.

It really seperates the sane from the insane in style.

Here some of the most iconic brands have had their imagery scrambled, Rorschach-style, but can you guess which is which? (Find the answers at the bottom)











It was created by Theo Bonham Carter at On Brand.

(And now for the answers... 1. Facebook, 2. Google, 3. Twitter, 4, Apple, 5. Disney, 6. UPS, 7. KFC, 8. Heinz, 9. Red Bull, 10. Orange)



Designer Sky+ Boxes


The muppets get existential


Superhero Dinosaurs



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