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The 10 greatest moments of the Oscars 2016


There were upsets, love-ins and some laugh out loud moments at the 88th Academy Awards which took place in Los Angeles last night.

If you're looking for the full list of winners then click here. If you're itching to look at the silly and quirkier events from the evening then step right this way...

Michael Keaton makes Partridge-esque "F*ck yeah" first-pump

One minute you're saving Gotham and smooching with Kim Basinger. The next you're at an awards do resembling North Norfolk Digital's most seasoned broadcaster by detonating out a nuclear sized fist-pump after Spotlight gets the biggest scoop of all: Best Picture. Notice the teeth biting down on the lip to conceal initial excitement? He might as well have started air drumming to Phil Collins at that point.

Chris Rock's satirical take down of the Academy's race problem

Outspoken. Caustic. Not white. Chris Rock's second appointment as Oscars host felt more fitting than ever in a year beset by criticism over whitewashed categories, and the funnyman didn't let us down, lightly jabbing at Hollywood politics and occasionally providing a knockout blow. His full opening monologue set the tone superbly. A class act.

Tracy Morgan spoofing The Danish Girl

Appearing as part of a skit adding black characters into some of the overly white films contending on the night, Tracy Morgan's welcome return drew a very good response. As ever, he was brilliant, playing a reworked role in the The Danish Girl and scoffing a Danish. Who knows, had Eddie Redmayne gone that method he might have won it.

Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe agree to disagree

What is it about an Autocue that turns even the very best actors to jelly? One pair who had no problem in the chemistry stakes, however, was Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, whose witty patter - Gosling claiming the pair men have two Oscars between them, Crowe, who has won both of said Oscars, attempting to set the younger man straight - worked a treat.

When the bear from The Revenant showed up

He might have been over the moon winning Best Director toward the end of the evening, but The Revenant's Alejandro González Iñárritu was anything but happy at the start of it, projecting an air of indifference when a shot of a bear from his very movie (not actually the same one) was shown seated in the upper tiers.

When R2-D2, BB-8 and C-3PO crashed the party

With all that scrolling text to read before every Star Wars film it's no wonder C-3PO and R2-D2 make such good Oscar presenters, returning to the stage for the first time since the seventies to honour legendary composer John Williams on his 50th nomination. This time though, they brought that rolling ball of sass BB-8 - we just wish the trio had stuck to the dress code.

Ali G returned

Were the esteemed Academy members swigging cans of Tizer and listening to Shaggy back stage? We're not sure but it might explain why they booked Sacha Baron Cohen to reprise his role as Ali G, thus creating a short but sweet nineties love-in as Staines' finest spoke about the issues of Diversity. Who better? His co-presenter Olivia Wilde looked like she was absolutely loving it too.

Louis CK makes a case to become next years host

Normally a teller of jokes closer to the bone than a smutty archaeologist, Louis CK isn't the usual comic one would associate with hosting the Oscars, but after wringing more laughs from a two minute introduction of Best Documentary Short - a category which doesn't have the biggest A-list appeal, as he points out himself - than most of the other guest presenters combined, he staked a real claim to present next year's awards. #Oscarssoginger. 

The Memoriam

Bowie. Rickman. O'Hara - there have been some monumental losses to film and entertainment in the last year and this immense loss was plainly evident for all to see as the names and even some performances of those departed but not forgotten rolled in the background while Foo Fighters' frontman Dave Grohl, who recently spoke of his own warm relationship with Bowie, gave a touching musical performance.


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