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Why 'Get a House for Free' is an unintentionally important watch


A brief history of the manliest death of all time


How emojis kicked down the door of the English language


Drugs, disease and dead bodies: How I survived a Thai prison

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Questions I have for that little Dancing Hot Dog on Snapchat

Tell us what you know, you sausage

by Sam Diss

JAY-Z's 4:44 raises questions about how we treat confessional rap


I'm so tired of having to explain the N-word

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"I escaped Jihadist rebels by pushing one off a cliff"


What the food you bring to a BBQ says about you


Shut up, Nickelback are actually great

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I’m a gay man and I hate these new Pride posters


Can you be in love with someone with different politics to you?

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What does rudeness look like around the world?

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We must take Islamophobic pundits to task, now more than ever

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Becoming a father helped me finally understand my dad


It's vital tragedy is politicised, no matter how uncomfortable it is

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A Tory-DUP coalition has dire consequences for Northern Ireland

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Why did young people turn out to vote?

Excluded for so long, the youth vote proves their political engagement goes well beyond memes

by Tristan Cross
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As a former police officer, I know the risk cuts pose to public safety


I'm Jewish but I will still be voting for Labour


Labour's manifesto shows why young people have to get out and vote


UKIP's collapse should be cause to celebrate, instead it's terrifying


This is what Jeremy Corbyn needs to do to win this general election


Experts say butter should be kept in the fridge and it's bullshit

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Butter does not belong in sandwiches and if you like it you're wrong

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Why does Bill Murray have no friends?