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This waxwork museum is confusing the hell out of Star Wars fans


Either the creators and curators at the Barcelona wax museum Museo de Cera haven't watched Star Wars at all, or they've watched it a little too closely. 

Let us explain. An image of E.T. chilling out with Luke and Leia in the museum's Star Wars exhibit has gone viral online, because it's a hilarious example of wrong wrong wrongness. 

ET in Star Wars


Although thousands of Imgur users laughed at the mistake, one named pmMEurSOBstories (nice) was quick to point out that E.T. actually is in Star Wars - or at least, his race of aliens, the Asogians, are. 

ET in Star Wars Asogians

The trio make a cameo in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, because George Lucas promised to return the favour after Steven Spielberg included Yoda and Star Wars toys in E.T. There's a memorable scene in Spielberg's childhood classic that sees E.T. attempt to interact with a kid dressed as Yoda, which spawned the fan theory that E.T. had met one of Yoda's race before, in a galaxy far, far away. 

So, technically, the Museo de Cera might actually be mega fans, not mega failures.

No word yet on why they got your gran to stand in as Luke, though. 

Luke is ya gran



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