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15 GIFs of Article 50 being triggered in real time


1. Take back control!

2. Let’s make Britain great again!

3. We’re better off on our own!

4. We don’t need you!

5. We can be a global force again!

6. We’ll put the Great back in Great Britain!

7. We can make our own laws!

8. Bring back blue passports!

9. Bring back bendy bananas!

10. This is the start of a new chapter!

11. Brexit means Brexit!

12. This is our moment!

13. Are you ready?!

14. We’re ready!

15. Let’s do this!



YouGov poll shows Brexiters want blue passports and the death penalty


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Stormzy calls out Met Police for bizarre Notting Hill Carnival tweet

Once again, he is spot on

by Dave Fawbert
22 Aug 2017

A story saying Big Ben will be renamed for Muslims has upset idiots

Winding up racists - never not funny

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21 Aug 2017

13 facts about cheating all couples need to know

Number one fact: Don't do it

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21 Aug 2017

Londoners have revealed their favourite and most-hated Tube lines

Which is your favourite line?

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21 Aug 2017

The 10 most liveable cities in the world have been named

Did your home make the cut?

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21 Aug 2017

Sir Bruce Forsyth has died aged 89

The legendary presenter has died aged 89

by Gary Ogden
18 Aug 2017

The biggest stereotype about men and sex is actually a load of rubbish

We've been wrong this whole time

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18 Aug 2017

Discover the words that became cool in the year you were born

Were you born in the year of booty calls or cybersex?

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18 Aug 2017

This German town came up with a genius way of humiliating neo-Nazis

Is this the best possible way to deal with them?

by Alex Finnis
18 Aug 2017

Donald Trump’s lawyer: possibly not racist, definitely not intelligent

Oldest trick in the book

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17 Aug 2017