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An Avengers Trailer Re-cut Like Zack Snyder’s Watchmen

On the face of it, the only similarity shared between Zack Snyder’s Watchmen adaptation and The Avengers is that they both feature ragtag bands of superheroes to have taken the leap from page to screen.
Though anyone remotely familiar with Alan Moore’s original noir-like masterpiece will know full well that his specific band of misfits have far darker stories than those of Marvel’s shiny happy-go-lucky heroes. PG-13 they ain't.
Not that this has stopped video editing whizz The Unusual Suspect from re-editing footage of The Avengers with the tone and stylistics of Snyder’s Watchmen to create a refreshingly dark, or at the very least more intense, trailer than we've previously seen with Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and co.
Closer to the gritty, gloomy sets and sounds of Snyder’s work with DC like Man Of Steel – and, all going well, the forthcoming Batman Vs Superman blockbuster - it’s got our patience for the next Avengers movie wearing ever thinner.
Take a look yourself, below.



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