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Grime MC sums up perfectly why young people voted for Corbyn in just 85 seconds


Eight weeks ago, when Theresa May called a snap election, the Conservative Party held a 20-point lead in the polls. The Prime Minister called the election as a means to secure a further majority and a stronger hand in negotiating Brexit. 

For weeks political commentators and experts talked of how Labour were going to suffer their biggest defeat in a generation.

And then 8 June came along, we got a hung Parliament, some goat skin got involved and nothing was the same again

Many have cited the high youth turnout (estimated to be around 72% from 18-24s) as a reason for the swing in voting, and have been scratching their heads about just what made Corbyn so appealing to young voters.

There have been a look of bad takes suggesting how Corbyn he might have done it, including the idea that he ‘bribed’ young people with the promise of free tuition fees. There’ve been some really good takes too.

But the most succinct answer comes from #Grime4Corbyn MC Saskilla.

Appearing on BBC news, Saskilla explained why he threw his weight behind the #Grime4Corbyn movement: “He’s done something that no politician has done before, which is actually and genuinely care.

“He’s fighting for the underprivileged and that’s the background of grime as a whole.

Bringing up young people’s awareness for politicians who appear non-genuine, Saskilla elaborated on how young people have turned away from those who are “just saying stuff for the sake of saying it”.

“Theresa May don’t care about the mandem. She don’t care about the gyaldem. She don’t care about the underprivileged. She don’t even care about black people. She don’t care about nobody, let’s be real.”

Signing off with “Has Theresa May ever been Aldi? Has she ever been Lidl? In her life, let’s be real”, this might be one of the best pieces of election commentary to date.


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