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8-bit Anchorman


We love Veronica Corningstone. We love lamp. And we love Anchorman in 8-bit glory.

Everyone's favourite news anchor (Sir Trevor McDonald came a close run second) Ron Burgundy has regressed into this short pixelated tribute thanks to the marvellous work of David Dutton of YouTube channel CineFix. It's perfect for letting off some of that pent up Anchorman 2 related frustration that's been going around of late.

If someone could turn the entirety of Anchorman into a playable 8-bit experience we'd happily give you all of our money. Kickstarter anyone?

(Images: YouTube)


will ferrell.jpg

Will Ferrell pretends to be security guard

Sex Panther_HERO.jpg

Screen companies that would go bust in real life

anchorman 2.jpg

New Anchorman 2 trailer



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