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Textured Knits To Buy Now

Jumper-HERO-MrHyde 2.jpg

Enough is enough – we're calling time on this year's so-called summer. A memorable one for many reasons although, as I'm tired of saying (and you're sick of people moaning about on Twitter) not the weather. But rather than being disappointed that it didn't quite live up to the hazy, Instagram-style pictures you'd imagined beforehand in your head, see its untimely death as a reason to celebrate. Not least because you can return to your usual drinking habits – you don't need to fear the temptation of buying a pint of cider with ice in it until at least next May. And also because thoughts can turn to your autumn/winter wardrobe. This year's staple (much like last year's) is textured knitwear. And to save you the trouble (because that's basically what I'm here for), these are the best to track down. And by “track down”, I mean order on the internet immediately.


Vista Crew Jumper by AllSaints £95

Look closely – you might have missed that this is actually blocked with three tonal colours, not just two. A small detail perhaps, but an important one. Officially they're “carbon”, “slate” and “bitter chocolate”, but if you want to call them “dark grey', “grey” and “brown”, that's fine with me. Most thing will work with this, but if you need one recommendation – blue denim.



Grouse by Reiss £95

Reiss incongruously calls this “dark brown” for what appears, at least to me, to be a light brown sweater. Whatever shade of brown it is to your eyes, you should pair it with dark green. And, in this case, I do mean “dark”.



Flecked wool sweater by Rag & Bone £230

Now 10 years old, rag & bone is an american fashion label based in new york city that specialises in casual staples and shuns the very idea of capital letters. even though they're really useful. this would work well with dark blue denim.



Merino sweater by Marc Jacobs £220

Ready to be a little braver than variations on blues, browns and blacks? How about gold? This is a mostly merino wool sweater (92 per cent) that is crying out to be worn with black trousers and a black leather jacket.



Henley by Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren £100

Bohemian influenced Henley sweater (it resembles a collarless polo shirt) named because it's the traditional uniform style of Henley-on-Thames' rowing team. Wear with lighter denim and don't even think about going rowing in it.




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