Mr Hyde Recommends...

Mr Hyde Recommends...

Agave Pork Belly at the Tradiconal After Supper Club

Mexican food isn’t just burritos, tacos and nachos. A lot of it is, most of it even, but not all of it – despite what most Mexican takeaway menus would have you believe.

At the Tradicional After Supper Club – a five-course pop-up event running from Wednesday to Saturday this week – the stand-out dish is the pork belly, served with a black bean and cactus salad and complimented perfectly by a good sipping tequila, specifically Jose Cuervo Tradicional. Feels exactly like you’re relaxing in a bodega in Guadalajara... albeit you’re actually sitting in a disused garage in Dalston

MC Motors, 28 Millers Avenue, Dalston, E8 2DS,

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