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Your Hangover Is A Lot Worse Than You Thought


We’ve all been there. 4:30pm on a Sunday afternoon. Trapped in a hungover prison of discarded takeaway boxes and about to make a start on the second Netflix series of the day.

Well, according to a new survey by Cancer Research, these lazy bed days while you sweat out the remnants of last night could have cost you 22 hours of genuine fun time this summer.

That's almost an entire day where you could be waltzing around a park, meeting the love of your life or, you know, be sat in the pub with your mates... what a waste.

One in four people admitted that their booze ridden ways regularly stopped them from going outside and enjoying the sunshine with the worst age range being that of 18-34 year-olds, with many participants admitting to having cancelled on family and friends to nurse their boozy brains.

The research also discovered that the average hangover lasts as long as six and a half hours, with the worst topping more than twelve. Which is long time to be dawdling in bed and vowing/pretending that you’ll never drink again.

[Via: Cancer Research]



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