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The 30 strangest custom laws from around the world

It's a pub quiz question staple: what item is confiscated by US customs officials more than any other?

Cue a snort of arrogance from the regulars at their usual table in the corner, as the majority of the room descends into a whispered debate as to whether it'll be a drug or a weapon.

For the casual quizzers amongst you, the apocryphal answer is Kinder Surprise eggs. Because you don't know what kind of WMDs kids could be smuggling into the United States of Paranoia.

But the USA is far from alone in having curious customs laws. Take Saint Lucia, where you're not allowed to take in Japanese shaving brushes. Peru? Not vitamins (the bottled pill kind). 

Assembled by international freight shipping company Barrington Freight, have a browse of some of the most unusual banned goods from the world's customs offices.



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