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The Sleeping Habits Of The Rich And Famous


Still sleeping six-to-eight hours a night like a regular schmuck? Bah. If you're hoping to dominate the political/artistic/scientific world, you're going to need to change up your Average Joe lifestyle. 

Or rather, it's an option. 

The following infographic from Big Brand Beds demonstrates how a range of unconventional sleeping patterns have helped a number of high-flying individuals achieve remarkable careers - from staying ahead of the competition by cutting out sleep hours (Donald Trump only gets three a night) to mixing up your day with naps to be ready whenever creativity strikes (Leonardo Da Vinci would nap for 20 minutes every four hours).

If you were hoping for a luxurious 9-hours-a-night cycle, keep dreaming: none of the figures listed below slept in past 8:30am. 

Perhaps restful mediocrity isn't so bad...

(Image: Rex)

(Infographic: BigBrandBeds)

[Via: Design Taxi]



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