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The 10 Best Drinking Gadgets


The days of the only 'gadgets' that you needed for drinking being a pint glass and two pound coins are long gone. Now the marketplace is awash with items that promise to revolutionise your drinking experience, taking it to heights never experienced before.

Of course, a lot of these are completely superfluous, but some diamonds remain, which are definitely worthy of your time and money. We have consulted an expert - Tony De Carvalho, bartender of the world-renowned Mamounia Lounge in Mayfair, London - to choose his top 10 drinking gadgets. Ignore the rest, and use the best. Take a look below and invest.


1. Teroforma Whisky Stones

Teroforma Whisky Stones are designed to perfectly chill your cask-aged spirits without diluting or over-cooling the drink.

Buy from www.selfridges.com


2. Le Creuset Wine Accessories Cooler Sleeve

Super chic and picnic friendly, this Cooler Sleeve from Le Creuset will cool wine and champagne in just a few minutes, and will keep bottles cold for hours.

Buy from www.johnlewis.com


3. Corkcicle Wine Chiller

If the thought of warm pinot grigio doesn’t excite you, then invest in the world’s first in-bottle wine cooler. Super sleek and useful, the invention could see the demise of clunky ice buckets.

Buy from www.corkcicle.co.uk


4. Menu Wine Thermometer

A must for wine connoisseurs and those with sensitive teeth, this nifty wine thermometer wraps around the bottle, allowing you to take its temperature in no time. Perfect for entertaining!

Buy from www.johnlewis.com


5. Air Cork The Wine Preserver

Find it tricky to stop at one glass? Aptly shaped into a bunch of grapes, the Air Cork provides an airtight seal, allowing you to keep as much, or as little, wine in the bottle.

Buy from www.amazon.co.uk


6. Vodka Zinger - Alcohol Infusing Bottle

The ultimate treat for vodka enthusiasts, this stainless steel infuser transforms the much loved spirit with the help of some choice flavours. Simply add fresh ingredients, twist and shake. Rosemary infused vodka anyone?

Buy from www.amazon.co.uk


7. Cocktail Multi Tool

The equivalent of having a miniature bartender in your pocket, this cocktail multi-tool is great for mixing drinks in your home, al fresco or even at the office after hours. Even better, it arrives with foolproof instructions and impressive recipes.

Buy from www.thehut.com


8. Vinalito Wine Aerators

Ideal for vino aficionados, this wine aerator allows your choice of plonk to breathe, releasing its intended flavours in the process. A thoughtful gift that refuses to break the bank.

Buy from www.tesco.com


9. Half Hammered Cocktail Shaker

Shaken and never stirred, this half hammered cocktail shaker will gift you with mixologist credentials in no time.

Buy from www.johnlewis.com


10. Ekke Shot Glasses

Hand-carved from natural soapstone, these shot glasses will chill your spirits perfectly.

Buy from www.selfridges.com



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