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Someone Bought This Entire Airport For Just £7,000

airport 4.PNG

It’s time to acknowledge that retirees who jump ship to Spain in their 60s are definitely on to something. While housing costs in the UK continue to be a sore point, it turns out you can buy an entire airport just south of Madrid for just under £7,000.

Cuidad Real Airport

That’s the equivalent of less than a year's rent (10 months, to be precise) in this London ‘flat’.

Cuidad Real Airport opened in 2008 anticipating 2.5 million passengers per year, but closed in 2012 after declaring bankruptcy.

Cuidad Real Airport
Cuidad Real Airport

At auction, a Chinese company placed the only bid for 100,000 times less than it cost to build (over €1bn), hoping to use it as an entry point into Europe for Chinese companies.

Cuidad Real Airport

However, there’s still time to outbid them before the sale goes through in September.

Our suggestion for what to do with it? Create your own TV motoring show and license it back to ITV - after all, the Top Gear team are already familiar with this particular set of runways.



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