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Realise your potential

Chase that dream

Realising your dreams is no longer just the preserve of Hollywood feel-good films. Research suggests more of us are trying to wring out every last drop from life.

Whether it’s taking a class or joining a club, restarting a hobby we used to enjoy as a child or doing something we’ve never done before, it seems more of us are taking steps to fulfil a long-held wish or ambition.

ShortList asked its readers what they were doing to help realise their potential*, and the results were pleasingly positive.

A whopping 70 per cent have already undertaken something in their life to help realise their potential, while 29 per cent are learning a new skill or developing a talent. The most popular answers included learning to play a musical instrument, coaching sport or going back to education to study something new. On top of that, 20 per cent have taken time out to travel around the world, thereby broadening their horizons.

While many of us outgrow our childhood dreams, research** carried out by American Express reveals that one in six British adults (16 per cent) say that they always had a clear idea of what they wanted to do when they grew up, and have stuck to their original plan. In addition to this, with age and experience our dreams and goals are redefined to focus not only on our professional lives but our personal.

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* This study was conducted by RAM on behalf of ShortList Media in December 2012. 438 ShortList readers completed the survey.

**This study was carried out by Opinion Matters on behalf of American Express in September 2012. 2000 respondents were interviewed in each of the four countries where the survey was conducted: UK, Canada, Mexico and Australia.

Image stats source: American Express research commissioned through Opinion Matters. Over 2,000 respondents were interviewed.