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Pros & Cons Of Sleeping Positions


Forget gruelling outdoor boot camps and extreme fitness regimens, if you really want to improve your health this year the best place to start is in the bedroom.

No, nothing like that. 

Sleep, or rather a lack of it, is key to a whole host of health-related problems. Struggling to concentrate at work? You could probably do with more sleep. Feeling stressed? Get some sleep. Bad skin? You get the idea.

If you're struggling to get the recommended seven to nine hours a night, you might want to change up your sleeping position. The following chart from the ergonomic experts of The Back Store compares the relevant pros and cons of various sleeping positions, and key support tips. 

And no, the Starfish isn't one of the positions covered. We can only assume it has no cons...


(Image: TheBackStore)

[Via: Design Taxi; Shutterstock]



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