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Make an opening gambit in chess


Adam Raoof of the English Chess Foundation (Goldersgreenchess.blogspot.com) gives us his tips for getting your game off to a strong start.

"Make a few pawn moves in front of your king or queen to give your pieces room to manoeuvre. Not too many, though, as they can’t move backwards if you change your mind later.

“Develop your pieces – meaning, get them off their starting squares and out where they can control more territory. Knights first, then bishops. Clear a path for your king and rook to castle – this is the only time you’ll ever be able to move two pieces at once.

“Don’t move pieces more than once at the start - you want to make every move count. You don’t want to fall for Fool’s Mate (two-move checkmate) or Scholar’s Mate (four-move checkmate) either.

“Castle your king into safety and finally develop that rook stuck in the corner. Then launch your decisive attack on the enemy king with all you’ve got!”



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