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How to survive living together


Allison Williams on how to survive living together

Marnie from Girls, which continues Mondays at 10pm on Sky Atlantic HD, on the importance of a bit of personal space. And getting time away from your phone…

Have a break from each other

“It would be good for guys to understand that when you live with a girl they still need physical and emotional space. So even if you’re moving into a small place there has to be an area where she can feel like she can breathe and get away from you. Like, a fire escape where she can sit and gather her thoughts. And don’t take it personally. It’s not a reflection on how much they like you. Maybe it’s because guys are better at getting sucked into something and feeling alone even when they’re not. Just give them a little bit of breathing room, especially in the beginning so that it’s not too overwhelming.”

Put your phone away

“A smartphone is just like having a loaded gun in your pocket. My family will be having a conversation, I’ll think my brother is involved and then all of a sudden, he’ll just be like, ‘Dad, the Broncos are up by 20.’ What? We were all just talking and you were looking at sports scores. How dare you? Lots of girls are very involved with Twitter and phones, but that’s very boy-specific. Checking the score on games they don’t even care about.”

Turn the heating up

“Modern guys are good at lots of things that we don’t give them credit for; they’re intuitive, they cry more than they let us notice, they have this genetic trait that makes them better at packing luggage into cars. And they’re better at dealing with the cold than we are. This results in me very stoically accepting the offer of their coat.”

(Image: Sky Atlantic)



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