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How to make your cat more affectionate


Having a cat can sometimes feel like you're in a loveless marriage. You just go through the motions, existing in the same space, both with your own friendship groups, passing like lonely ships in the night.

Except you carry the responsibility of feeding both of you. 

Things haven't lived up to your dreams of being a cat owner. You were told there would be lap sitting and produce countless hilarious moments that would make your YouTube channel successful.

But fear not, according to science you can force your cat to love you. 

A recent study published in The Journal of Veterinary Behavior found that putting your cat on a diet actually makes it more affectionate.

Many pet owners fear restricting what they put in their cat's bowl in case it incites hostile behaviour and alters their affections. Because up until this point, your cat has been emotionally blackmailing you into providing for it. 

To test if restricting calories would alter cats' affections, researchers at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine put 48 obese cats on one of three different weight loss diets. It should be noted that these cats were fat cats. If your cat is not fat, don't starve it. 

They found that after eight weeks, 76 per cent of hefty kitties most likely give up on begging for food and instead reward you with love and gratitude for feeding them.

Researchers concluded that "Of the cats that changed behaviours, the appetitive behaviours typically increased, and the owners felt that their cats displayed more affection." 

It's probably a good time to ask if you own your cat, or do they own you?



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