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How to make a burrito


Apparently, to make a burrito you need to have poise, patience and practice to get it right. Now, while we can't promise we'd be doing that when eating the thing, we reckon it's worth honing those skills to make this meaty Mexican sandwich. We spoke to the people at Poncho 8 on how to make the perfect burrito.


Soft tortilla: 12.5 inch diameter

Rice: we make a variety of flavours; Mexican, coriander and lime, and brown rice)

Beans: spicy black turtle beans or mild pinto beans)

Pepper and onions (optional)

Fillings: chargrilled chicken, Poncho's pork, Barbacoa, medium rare stake, vegetarian (with tofu)

Toppings: Cheese, salad, sour cream, salsas (picco de gallo, smokey chipotle, hot habanero), jalapeños, guacamole.

The method

1. Get the tortilla heated properly - it should be hot but not toasted. Around three seconds on a double-sided hot plate at 280 degrees does it but a hot, dry non-stick pan is fine for home use, just make sure you flip it. Look for small bubbles to appear- the tortilla should then be supple enough to stretch over all the ingredients! The race is now on the fill it before the tortilla cools and loses some of it's elasticity.

2. Now, get a decent pile of rice, lay it in a line across the centre of the tortilla and pile beans straight on top. This way the rice absorbs some juice from the beans and you get a lovely tasty base.

3. The reason we're here! A good helping of meat or veggies, just in front of the beans, also in a line across the tortilla so you get some all the way across when you bite into your burrito. Careful though- too much filling and you'll struggle to wrap the burrito! Poncho8 recommends chargrilled chicken as an all round pleaser.

4. This is where you can get creative. Drizzle with salsas and sour cream, and sprinkle cheese, jalapeños, picco de gallo, and salad. A dollop of freshly made guacamole finishes your creation.

5. Arguably the most difficult part, you now need to contain the flavour explosion! Position the tortilla so that the line of ingredients is roughly left-to-right. Lift the tortilla sides in and over the meal. Then, carefully holding the sides, pull the near edge of the tortilla up and over the fillings until it meets the far side. Tuck in all the fillings neatly and roll the burrito forward slightly as you do. If you've done it right you should be able to let go of the meal and it should sit there (not unravel). Now dig in and enjoy it- you've earned it.

For more information go to Poncho8.com



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