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How to be an F1 racing driver


When it comes to getting experts in for Instant Improver, we don't mess about. So, to teach you how to be an F1 racing driver, who better than the best in the world?

Improve your awareness

"When I drive on the roads the thing I notice the most is how little some people are aware of what’s going on around them. It’s not enough to just ensure that you’re doing what you need to be doing - you also need to be fully aware of your surroundings, the cars ahead, the cars behind, the conditions, visibility, everything."

Hone your decision making skills

"When you get to F1 you have to make decisions at such high speeds that your response time has to be sharp otherwise your race is going to be over. Practice makes perfect – in competitive racing as a whole, from karts through to F1, you learn this more and more as you go along so fit in as much practise time as possible."

Get fit

"Don’t underestimate the physicality of driving. There’s a huge misconception that racing isn’t physically demanding as the car is doing all the work. With any race the G-force alone means that you need to be strong enough and fit enough to cope with that."

Eat healthily

"It’s amazing what a difference eating different meals can make, the time at which you eat them and what it is you’re eating. With all my meals it’s just about being sensible and knowing when you can allow yourself a ‘night off’. On race days, it’s important to get the correct balance between having enough fuel for the race but not feeling uncomfortable. I usually have a light breakfast such as cereal with milk, and a chicken and pasta dish for lunch."

Be prepared for anything

"You have some races where the track temperature is pushing 40 degrees and you’re out there racing for the best part of two hours. Your body needs to be able to cope with all sorts of conditions and racing environments, learn to expect the unexpected."

Jenson Button is currently supporting the ‘make mine Milk’ campaign. More information can be found at www.facebook.com/makeminemilk

Pictures: Getty Images



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