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Five cocktails you should try


With Christmas on the way, your social diary is likely to be jammed packed with soiree after soiree. Whether you’re out at the office party or having a lad’s night on the town, there’s no better way to celebrate the festive season than with your favourite festive tipple

To help you enjoy the onslaught of festive parties approaching, Freixenet (pronounced fresh-eh-net) best known for its distinctive black bottle fizz, Freixenet Cordon Negro has teamed with cocktail maker extraordinaire, Javier De La Muelas, to create Cocktail of the Week from The Black Cocktail Collection.

From the ultra-manly French 75 to the sophisticated Black Luxury, these festive cocktails will tantalise your taste buds making them the perfect tipple to bring in the throng of parties this festive season.

Forest Rossini - Cocktail of the week!

The classic Bellini is given a unique twist by fusing blackberry liquor, strawberry puree and Cordon Negro. If you fancy something light to kick start your night out then this is the perfect cocktail for you.


2cl Blackberry Liquor / 4cl Strawberry puree / 12cl Cordon Negro / Decoration – Red cherry


Beat all ingredients in a shaker for 10 seconds (except the Cordon Negro) / Serve the cocktail in a flute / Add the Freixenet Cordon Negro and delicately stir for the perfect cocktail

Black Luxury

A simple yet sophisticated blend of beer and Cordon Negro that teases out the fruity flavours of blackberry liquor. Enjoy on its own in a dimly lit bar while wearing a sharp suit.


2cl Blackberry Liquor / 8cl Mahou (Spanish beer) / 10cl Cordon Negro / Decoration – A blackberry adorned with gold shavings


Add all ingredients but make sure the beer is added in last / Stir gently with a spoon / Decorate

Passion to Share

The decadent and exotic flavours of South America are balanced with Cordon Negro and zesty lime for an intoxicating cocktail guaranteed to tickle everyone’s fancy.


7cl Passion fruit syrup / 8cl lime juice / 18cl Passion fruit juice / 5cl Galliano / 15cl Peruvian Pisco / 75cl Cordon Negro / Decoration – Strawberries, pineapple, mint, grapefruit and passion fruit seeds.


Add all ingredients to a jar / Add plenty of fruit and ice / Gently stir and decorate

French 75

If Don Draper drank cocktails, the French 75 would be it. The intoxicated blend of gin, Galliano liquor, fresh lemon juice and Cordon Negro is the perfect cocktail for those who are confident in their masculinity and can handle a strong drink.


1 teaspoon of Galliano liquor / 1.5cl lemon juice / 1cl syrup / 3cl Bombay Sapphire / 10cl Cordon Negro / Decoration – One black cherry and a lemon slice


Beat all ingredients in a shaker for 10 seconds (except the Cordon Negro) / Serve the cocktail in a tall glass / Add the Freixenet Cordon Negro and delicately stir for the perfect cocktail / Decorate

Warsaw Fizz

Hot and spicy is given a new meaning once you try the Warsaw Fizz cocktail. The unique blend of Cardamomo seeds, whiskey, vodka, Cordon Negro and bourbon is so strong it’s guaranteed to put hairs on your chest.


4 crushed Cardamomo seeds / 1 teaspoon of whiskey / 1cl green apple syrup / 3cl Apple juice

/ 5cl Makers Mark / 3cl Vodka / 10cl Cordon Negro


Add 4 crushed Cardamomo seeds in a Boston shaker and then add in all the rest of the ingredients except the Cordon Negro / Add the Cordon Negro in and serve in a tall glass.



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