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Get fit before the snowboarding season


Like it or not, our continental cousin Italy outdoes us in more ways than weather and fine-dining - just compare their take on gelato to Mr Whippy. But there’s no bitterness here, as we’ve decided to take a look at another activity that the Italians do well: snowboarding.

As far as we can tell, there’s no downside to snowboarding. Even epic wipeouts - there’ll be plenty of those - are fun. Factoring in your level of fitness before hitting the slopes should be numero uno on your pre-ski checklist, and with the following handy fitness pointers below, we hope you’ll enjoy a relatively painless and (hopefully) injury-free time.

Start with stamina Cardiovascular training will help raise your concentration levels and allow you to read conditions better. A cross trainer at gym is perfect as you can change the intensity and speed as you build up your fitness.

Strength training for beginners Novices brake a lot more than the ski and snowboard elite, so you need to have more strength in your lowerback and leg muscles. Try going into a squat position and hold it for as long as possible, as it will build up your muscles and help prevent injury.

Strength training for experts Try the alternating split lunge. This total-body exercise has a huge metabolic effect. This involves going into a lunge position with your knee just above the ground, holding it for a few seconds, jumping up and then repeating the movement with the other knee.

Slope management Consider the day as two extended gym sessions with an appropriate warm-up, workout and cool down during each session. Tackle the toughest ski runs at the beginning of your workout instead of the end as your muscles will be less fatigued and, thus, less likely to sustain an injury.

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