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How To Survive If Attacked By A Knife-Wielding Jean-Claude Van Damme


Truth be known, it's unlikely Jean-Claude Van Damme is going to come at you with a knife. Which is both great news, and oddly disappointing.

However! If a knife expert (MD Martial Arts System founder, Sifu Marc Davis) who's helping promote The Expendables 2, wants to tell us how to defend ourselves against a blade-wielding JCVD (who plays the movie's villain, named Jean Vilain), we're all ears.

In truth, of course, we'd do what our mum insists, and run away at the first sign of trouble, and so should you. But running away in front of Sly Stallone is NOT an option.

KNIFE ATTACK 1: JCVD goes for the inward slash towards your neck. The swine.

COUNTER: Block blade with knife-edge of the hand and immediately grab the wrist and strike your opponent with a ridge hand to windpipe, following with a leg takedown, throwing them to the ground and keeping pressure to the windpipe so that you have control of your opponent.

KNIFE ATTACK 2: Backslash to the neck or face. You maniac, Jean-Claude!

COUNTER: Use same knife-edge defence again. The purpose of the knife-edge is if you do get cut there’s nothing fatal on that part of the hand unlike inner wrist. Then immediately grab the wrist, again, so attacker cannot change direction of the knife with a second attack. Strike to attackers elbow using your forearm so the shock will make them drop the knife.

KNIFE ATTACK 3: The muscles from Brussels tries to stab your stomach. Jealous, no doubt.

COUNTER: Shift your body back slightly to keep a safe distance away from the blade and do low outer parry, protecting your face at the same time in case the attacker changes direction of the knife with a second attack. Then side kick from your front leg to opponent’s knee – always aim for nearest leg for maximum effect.

KNIFE ATTACK 4: Inward slash to rib cage

COUNTER: Perform a low parry to inside of opponent’s wrist, which will shock their arm as you follow up with an elbow strike to your attacker’s throat or face

KNIFE ATTACK 5: Downward stab (JCVD will use a reverse grip and aiming for the top your head. The git.)

COUNTER: Step to the side and do a forearm block using outer bone part of the arm, so again, there are no vital areas that can be cut. From the block, grab the wrist and use your forearm to deflect the knife downwards taking them to the ground and finishing them off with a vertical elbow to the back of the head.

KNIFE ATTACK 6: Van Damme holds the knife to your face or neck, commonly used by muggers.

COUNTER: Place your hands in front of neck, face and heart, protecting vitals in a non-offensive movement which will ensure your attacker a false sense of security, unknown to them that a counter attack is coming. Shift your body to the outside line of the knife, and away from your opponent’s secondary punching hand. Then grab the wrist and counter with a stamping kick – which is an up and down motion to knee, which will effectively render the knee useless.

The Expendables 2 is out now.



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