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A History of artistic blocks


...Sorry. We'd love to have something for you to read... it's just that. Well. We're struggling from a bit of writer's block. Which is ironic.

You see, this graphic from the helpful bunch at GraphicDesignDegreeHub.com provides a timely reminder that those of us who hit something of a mental cul-de-sac by 4pm on a Friday are not alone. Indeed, some of the greatest artistic minds to have ever lived have dried up, battled on and even failed to finish their most promising works.

Did you know, for instance, that it took Monet 26 years to finish his Water Lillies series? Or that Edvard Munch mulled over the four versions of his hypnotic The Scream for the better part of 17 years?

Next time you find yourself firmly wedged into a creative rut, head on over to this list and consider yourself a few years away from something truly impressive.



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