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10 Uses For Stale Bread


You've just got home. It's an imprecise hour between very late and very early. You're hungry. You make your way into the kitchen and fumble about in the cupboards for something chewable. You grab at a nearly depleted bag of granary (sliced, naturally), but curse as you realise all that's left are the stale heels of the loaf - the most pointless waste of bread imaginable. Or are they?

Thanks to this handy chart from Sustainable America, you now have ten new purposes for those stale husks of bread that you once cast into the compost.

From helping keep biscuits and vegetables fresh to thickening soups, we're sorry we couldn't have got this to you during your university days. We're off to make some croutons for the salad in the office fridge that went off three weeks ago.

(Images: Sustainable America/Shutterstock)

(Via: Food Beast)



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