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This dog will clean your house

dog 1.jpg
dog 2.jpg

If you like to have a clean house but are too lazy to do your own housework or too cheap to get a cleaner to do it for you, then you’re probably a bit stuck.

Not anymore you’re not because man’s best friend, ignorant as he is of basic workers' rights, will do it for you.

The proof can be found in the incredible footage uploaded by Linda Gonzalez of her dog Baron hoovering, dusting and even loading the dishwasher. 

Because this is the world we live in now, one year-old Baron also has his own Instagram and Snapchat accounts. Although they're mostly pictures of him with his tongue hanging out.

So if you want to capitalise on this free labour then get down to the local dog pound quick before the dogs wise up and unionise. 



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