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The UK's most shared Facebook stories


Last week, we revealed which stories had been most shared by American Facebook users this year and we learnt that animals, parenting and natural disasters were at the top of their list.

Now, it's the turn of UK Facebook users and the results are, ahem, interesting.

For every encouraging entrant, there's a slightly depressing one not far behind. So while we might have been interested to read the truth about the Occupy crackdown on The Guardian, we were even more interested to look at pictures of a woman with a dog poo tattoo on The Sun.

Overall, interestingly, it seems as if we're even more celebrity-obsessed than our American friends. While they only had one entertainment-based story in their top 20 (concerning Jackass star Ryan Dunn's death), we had four (ranging from the sad news of Amy Winehouse's death to the less tragic news of Frankie Cocozza's X Factor departure).

We've also shown great interest in Osama Bin Laden's death, the Japan earthquake and, ermmm, a drunk elk. Take from that what you will.



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