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South Korea creates glowing dog


Remember that scene at the start of sci-fi thrillers where an enthusiastic/crazed scientist does something morally ambiguous and then we non-scientists are left to pick up the pieces (of our dismembered family members)?

Yes, well this might be that scene. But in real life.

Over in South Korea, a research team have created a glowing dog through cloning. Supposedly their reasoning wasn't maniacal but rather helpful as they believe it can help find cures for diseases such as Alzheimer's. You may remember that Saffron Burrows tried to do this in Deep Blue Sea by enlarging the brains of sharks...

The poor cloned beagle, named Tegon, has been found to glow fluorescent green if given a particular antibiotic. The havok-hungry researcher at the centre of this is hoping that while dogs may help to cure various diseases, they may also provide a fantastic new range of lamps for Urban Outfitters. We imagine.

(Image: Rex Features)



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