Nicolas Cage features on Serbian textbook

It was the obvious choice

There is much to learn from Raising Arizona. Much.

Firstly, don’t steal babies or risk the wrath of demon bikers from the very depths of hell and the treachery of former prison cell mates. This one is obvious.

Secondly, moustaches can look really very cool indeed when pulled off correctly.

There are, of course, many others, which is doubtless why a Serbian school elected to use an image of Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter from the Coen brothers’ classic on one of their year eight biology textbooks.

The book’s designer has said that the use of the still on the textbook was a ‘genuine mistake’, which frankly sounds like a likely story.

She added that it has now been pulled from circulation, along with the Barton Fink chemistry key stage four textbook and the Fargo CDT manual (we made the last two up).

Image: 20th Century Fox


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