Drunk driver crashes into DWI checkpoint

Sometimes the breathalyser is a formality

There's no way out of this one. North Carolina cops say a 21-year-old drunk driver crashed his vehicle into their mobile DWI test station.

Eight people, including several officers and two suspects, were inside the blood alcohol testing truck when Hickory resident Douglas Shane Southard hit it at 40 miles-per-hour in his red 1989 Chevrolet Camaro.

The 21-year-old was taken to Catawba Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, but life-threatening stupidity.

"In the officer's opinion, alcohol was believed to be a contributing factor in the crash," Newton Police Maj. Kevin Yarborough, hopefully with wry smile.

Southard was charged with driving while intoxicated, driving with a revoked license, careless and reckless driving and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

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