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25 awesome ways to escape the post-Brexit gloom

Project Fear, England’s woeful team of ‘Ice Wallies’, the economic meltdown, a Zika-hit Rio Olympics and the Miss Hitler 2016 Neo-Nazi beauty contest. It’s hardly surprising that the vibe in the UK last month was very much ‘Stop the world, because we want to get off.’

Sure, tolerance, respect, strong gin and a government-regulated programme of free hugs will almost certainly help to take the grimace off of Britain’s face in the long term. But in the short-term, removing yourself from the everyday drudge of reality – at least for a hot minute – wouldn’t hurt.

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of 25 frankly awesome ways to escape the post-Brexit gloom – ranging from exotic thrills where you can pretend to be Indiana Jones, to life-affirming experiences that might just see you playing golf on a mountain – that will put this whole sorry mess in a little more perspective.

Think of it as the ultimate bucket list – without the usual ‘swimming with dolphins’ bollocks. Enjoy.



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