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It’s nice when there’s a bit of heritage to a brand. When something’s been around a long time, it shows it’s not just a passing fad and must be pretty good. But when a whiskey is as famous as Jack Daniel’s; seen countless times in movies and referenced in heaps of songs, you can almost get over familiar with it. You might even cynically suspect that Jack Daniel himself is an ad executive's creation, dreamed up to give a whiskey a bit of reassuring history.

Brilliantly, however, the truth is that not only was Jack Daniel an actual man, but the distillery he registered in 1886 in Lynchburg, Tennessee, is still the only place that the charcoal-mellowed bourbon that bears his name has ever been made. Made in exactly the same way, too – same recipe, same process – for 150 years. Pretty great when you think about it – one distillery, one town and from there, JD winds up in practically every corner of the world.

The really great thing, though, is that Jack Daniel’s over ice is one of the nicest grown-up drinks ever, which is why it’ll no doubt be around for another 150 years, made the same way, in the same town.


Please drink responsibly, see drinkaware.co.uk for more details.


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