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Bacon voted the most important element of a Full English by the British public


If the last twelve months have taught us anything it’s that the voting public cannot be trusted. Brexit, Trump, Colleen Nolan winning Celeb Big Brother – it’s been a real banner year for the anti-democracy heads.

But, thanks to a new YouGov poll, that most holy of referendums, the British public have restored faith in the process by voting bacon the most important element in a great Full English.


Bacon wins! Bacon wins! (via YouGov)

And it obviously is, isn’t it? All salty and fried and delicious, cutting through the fat and oil with its own saltier, fried-ier, more delicious combo of fat and oil. What a rush. It’s also probably worth buying one of these for – you know, if that’s your thing.

The results were also broken down by gender, with men and women having “somewhat different tastes when it comes to their ideal Full English”, with men tending to favour less healthy options more than women.

As per YouGov:

Generally speaking, when compared to women, men were more likely to prefer any breakfast components that begin with the word “fried” (bread, egg, tomato, mushrooms) as well as baked beans. Women, by contrast, tend to like items beginning with the word “grilled” (mushroom, tomato) and poached eggs more than men do.

But the breakfast item that divides the two sexes most of all is the black pudding. The food, the ingredients for which famously include blood, would feature in 47% of men’s ideal Full Englishes, compared to just 24% of women’s.

And yet people still keep asking why men keep dying earlier than women. Damn. I guess we’ll never ever know, huh?

(Main Image: Flickr / spo0nman)



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