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Starbucks are testing 'coffee ice cubes' to end your watery woes


Fancy an ice cold cup of coffee, do you? A nice frappe or iced latte that will simultaneously refresh and energise you? Well sorry, mate, I know you bought it literally 45 seconds ago but all the ice has already melted and all that’s left is some cold water that has the mild flavour of coffee. Homeopathic coffee, basically.

But good news if you hate this very obviously bad thing: Starbucks are adding ‘coffee ice cubes’ to their cold coffees in some locations.

For 60p, baristas will add Starbucks coffee ice cubes into an iced drink to make it stronger and to add to the taste.

ice cube

This is funny because the article is about 'ice cubes' and this is 'Ice Cube', the rapper and actor, rather than a cube made of ice

You can also fill a coffee cup with the cubes and wait for it to melt, which might be nice when it’s really hot and you need to cool down. 

The catch is that it’s currently only being trialled in certain stores… and that those stores are in Baltimore and St. Louis, where presumably most of you do not live. There’s also no guarantee it’ll come to the UK or that it’ll be a permanent addition to the Starbucks menu – “we often test new products, programs and ideas to gather feedback from our customers and partners,” a spokesperson said. 

We can but hope. 



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