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You can now rent out this entire Irish pub on Airbnb


Get a few mates together, a few cans for the journey, and head off for a long weekend in your very own pub – sounds like a dream break, doesn’t it? Well that dream is now reality, as this entire Irish pub is available to rent on Airbnb, and it’s extremely affordable.

Conroy's Old Bar describes itself as the world’s first self-catering pub, and is nestled in the tiny, rural village of Aglish in County Tipperary, Ireland. It has everything you’d expect from an authentic Irish pub, but with no other guests, no landlord, and no charge for drinks – you bring your own.

If you’re getting excited about this already then don’t worry, we are too. It’s hard to think of a better setting for a weekend away. It has a full mahogany bar, complete with pumps and even the old till, a dart board, skittles, a log fire and a huge array of board games.


The bar and one of the seating areas


Another view of the bar

Then on your doorstep, you’ve got the beautiful Irish countryside and the River Shannon. We can picture it now – spend the day out on a long walk through the country, get back, toast up by the fire for a little bit, and then have your very own lock in. You can take turns playing the barman, or just make your least popular mate do it all night. The choice is yours.

The accommodation part of the pub sleeps four, plus a cot if you need it. The first double bedroom is an en suite, and is found in the old snug next to the lounge, and the other, which boasts a super king-sized bed is in what was the old keg store – it even still has the old beer barrel delivery door.

Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned one of the best parts yet. The pub also has a beer garden, complete with barbecue areas with stunning views, and an outdoor, open fire.


The darts board and pub games


The lounge with fireplace


The beer garden

I’m almost tempted to stop writing this article immediately and leave right now.

The pub has all the amenities you need – shower, cooker, linen and so on, which is good, as the village is so small that it doesn’t even have a shop (so remember to bring your own beer). It does, however, have a pub, but we feel like your probably won’t be needing that.

The Airbnb ad says that within a 20-mile radius, you will find: “Fishing, boating/sailing, water sports, walking, cycling, golf, horse riding/hunting, photography, go carting or even astronomy and genealogy.” There’s no chance you’re getting bored.


The extrerior


The super king-sized bed

It costs £180 to book for four guests for one night, so £45 each, which is a bargain really, isn’t it. I’m actually now on may way over to Ireland, I’m writing the rest of this on my phone.

It’s got a five-star rating (obviously) from 45 reviews so far. So if you fancy it, you can check out the Airbnb listing here

(Images: Airbnb)



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