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Luxury cheese and crisp sandwiches made by London's best chefs


We’ve had poached eggs and avocado on sourdough, flat whites, gourmet burgers and the rise of the vegan. But 2017 sees a completely left wing food trend hitting your stomachs – cheese and crisp sandwiches. Not those crappy ones you made in school when your parents dole didn’t come through on time, we’re talking seriously luxury sarnies like nothing you’ve ever seen before, full of decadent cheeses, gravy and chutney.

Let five of London’s best chefs explain their recipes…

The Chicken Poutine Barm



The bread: A floury barm roll

The cheese: Crumbled cheese curds

The crisps: Roast chicken

The extras: Crispy baked chicken skin, chicken gravy and fried egg

“This sandwich is inspired by Canadian poutine, a glorious snack of cheese, gravy and French fries. First bake the seasoned chicken skin in the oven at 180C for 20 minutes. Do it between two metal trays lined with parchment paper to get the skin nice and flat and to avoid it curling up. Heat the gravy in a pan and fry the egg. Cut the barm in half, then brush each half with gravy. Line the base with the roast chicken crisps, then top with crumbled cheese curds. Spoon half the remaining gravy on top, then crumble shards of chicken skin over, then top with the egg. Serve with a side of gravy for dunking.”

By Richard H Turner of Turner & George

The Frazzle Rock



The bread: Peddler sourdough

The cheese: Neal’s Yard Tunworth

The crisps: Two packets of bacon Frazzles

The extras: Tomato and round lettuce

“Butter the sourdough. Crush one packet of Frazzles and sprinkle the bacon dust on each piece of bread. Place the lettuce on one slice, then the tomato, and the second packet of Frazzles on top. Finish with sliced Tunworth cheese. Add the second slice and squash down
very firmly.”

By Matt Brown, Executive Head Chef at Hawksmoor

The French Prince



The bread: Multigrain loaf

The cheese: Epoisses

The crisps: Roasted garlic Kettle Chips

The extras: English mustard, mayonnaise and watercress

“Leave the cheese at room temperature for a couple of hours. Toast the bread, then mix the mustard and mayonnaise before spreading on both sides. Layer the crisps on top
of the cheese, and garnish with peppery watercress leaves.”

By Michael Reid, Executive Chef at M Restaurants

The Baron Manchausen



The bread: French baguette

The cheese: Manchego

The crisps: Ready salted

The extras: Avocado, spring onions and tomato

“Lay slices of tomato on buttered, crusty French bread. Slightly mash the avocado, then sprinkle with finely cut spring onions and spread on top. Press the crisps in, then add a couple of slices of manchego. Serve with a cold beer, ideally in Andalusia.”

By Yianni Papoutsis, Founder of MEATliquour

The Lazy Ploughman’s



The bread: Sourdough

The cheese: Tunworth 

The crisps: Salt and vinegar

The extras: The Hampshire Chutney Company’s Cheeky Chutney

“Just spread the chutney across the bread, lay thick slices of the cheese across that and top with the crisps. If you have a panini machine or a contact grill, stick it in there to get it nice and toasted.”

By James Durrant, Executive Chef at The Stafford



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