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Netflix and chilled: a show and beer pairing guide

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Everyone and their mother can match a beer and nice bit of gourmet grub. But pairing a craft gem with a much-hyped TV show, now that’s a challenge we’re about.

Happily, we at ShortList are well versed in both telly and beer, and so, to mark ShortList’s recent small screen special we have gone and matched the best Netflix has to offer with some of the world’s greatest tipples – beers to enhance and bring out the unique flavours of your favourite shows.



The Show: The story of everyone’s favourite moustachioed cartel drugs lord, Pablo Escobar.

The Beer: It has to be the sun-kissed, refreshing taste of Mexican lager. It’s what Pablo would have wanted.

Our Pick: Long time favourites Sol and Corona are more than adequate, but to do things Escobar-style try the dark Bohemia Obscura pilsner.



The Show: Upcoming Chicago-set comedy drama about love, sex, technology and culture starring Orlando Bloom, Dave Franco and Malin Akerman (airing 22 September)

The Beer: Given the fruity shenanigans teased in this anthology series, and the fact its creator Joe Swanberg also directed Drinking Buddies, make it something hoppy, flavoursome and sweet, like a fruit-tastic pale ale.

Our Pick: It would be rude not to choose Chicago’s own Goose Island. Try their Honkers Ale, a rich malt and hops beer that is as characterful as Chi-Town itself. .

Luke Cage


The Show: Marvel’s Harlem-based hero with superhuman strength and unbreakable skin. 

The Beer: Something very, very strong.

Our Pick: Scottish breweries seem to have the monopoly if ultra-strong (yeah good quality) beers. Try Brew Dog’s 41% Sink the Bismarck or Brewmesieter’s 67.5% Snake Venom. Will get you drunk. Very drunk.

Chef's Table: France


The Show: The popular chef documentary series, which has turned its attention to France for the latest third series.

The Beer: It doesn’t get much more gourmet (or French) than the wine-beer hybrid. The concept has gained popularity the last few years, with brewers adding grapes into the mix

Our Pick:  These fancy tipples aren’t easy to come by, but American brewery Dogfish Head has mastered the art with its Midas Touch hybrid.

Stranger Things


The Show: C’mon, you know what this one is. 

The Beer: The Doppelbock. It’s to the standard German bock what the Upside Down is to Stranger Things’ town of Hawkins – darker, more intense, and full of flesh-eating monsters. Alright, maybe not that last one. 

Our Pick: The Paulaner Salvator. It’s been brewed the same way since the 1700s and has a strong malty taste. At 7.9% a few bottles is likely to turn you upside down, too. 

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia 


The Show: The Gang and their shameless (albeit hilarious) schemes to get one up one on each other.

The Beer: Something decidedly east coast. Like something they’d serve in Paddy’s Pub, but nicer.

Our Pick: There are some Philly craft breweries, including, Yuengling and Weyerbacher, but New Jersey’s Carton Brewing IDIPA steals it for the east coast’s most refreshing, fruity IPA.

The Get Down


The Show: Baz Luhrmann’s vibrant show on the emergence of hip-hop in 1970s New York.

The Beer: You might not think a German beer pairs well with the Bronx and the roots of urban music, but with its high hops content it truly puts the hops in hip-hop.

Our Pick: Schlosser Alt, a traditional Düsseldorf style Altbier. Comes in extra big bottles for when you’re blasting through the entire series.

Bojack Horseman


The Show: Washed up ‘90s sitcom star Bojack plans his big showbiz comeback with warts ‘n’ all autobiography.

The Beer: Wheat beer. Surely any self-respecting horse’s favourite tipple. Or is that hay? Ah well, close enough.

Our pick: Gentleman’s Wit from Camden Town Brewery. Based on the old school German white beer, with added Earl Grey to keep things nice and British.

American Horror Story


The Show: The horror anthology that’s crept its way into every genre possible and finds brand new ways to put the willies up you every single season.

The Beer: A deliciously dark porter. 

Our Pick: Smog Rocket from the trendy Beavertown brewery. A dark brown and heavy porter brimming with old timey smoky flavours. Lip-smackingly devious.

House Of Cards


The Show: Majority Whip Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) will stop at no devious machinations for power in the White House. 

The Beer: Bitter, like pretty much every character ends up (those who don’t end up under a train, anyway).

Our Pick: Bluebird Bitter from Coniston Brewing, a classic British bitter with unusual fruity undertones. Refreshingly sweet for the moment when Frank twists the knife in his latest victim.

F Is For Family


The Show: 1970s-set animation about sweary dad Frank Murphy and the glory days of American family life. When men were men and drinking in front of the TV was a lifestyle.

The Beer: A good old-fashioned stout in honour of the Murphys’ Irish roots.  

Our Pick: You can’t knock a Guinness, but for something different try a bottle of Porterhouse’s Plain Porter – a classic Irish taste.



The Show: Marvel’s blind superhero protects the streets of Hell’s Kitchen with top-notch fighting skills and borderline S&M costume.

The Beer: A decent red ale. Much like the Man Without Fear himself it’s strong, formidable and… erm, red.

Our Pick: As one of the most popular boozy trends there are plenty of reds choose from, but we like Boston Beech, an American-style spicy amber rye from craft lager specialist Freedom Brewery.

Trailer Park Boys


The Show: The weed-smoking, ultra-profane, and booze-soaked adventures of Ricky, Julian, Bubbles and the other residents from Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

The Beer: Smoked beer. The combination of Ricky’s two favourite things (alright, is not cannabis smoke, but you get the point).

Our Pick: The Smoked Ruby from Marks & Spencer’s surprisingly bloody delish range of craft beers. 

Orange Is The New Black


The Show: The relationships and struggles from inside most popular all-female slammer since Prisoner Cell Block H. 

The Beer: A fresh, zingy fruit beer. Something orangey, obvs.

Our Pick: While fruit ciders are ten-a-penny, the fruit beer can be harder to find. Track down a can of Bloody ‘Ell – a blood orange IPA also from Beavertown. At 7.2% it’s not messing around either.

Arrested Development


The Show: Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) tries to keep the (dysfunctional) family business together after his father goes to jail.

The Beer: A banana bread beer, in honour of the Bluths’ decades-old frozen banana stand. 

Our Pick: Charles Wells’ appropriately named Banana Bread Beer. The hint and scent of fairtrade ‘nanas without overpowering the beer.



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