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KFC Japan has just revolutionised the way you eat fried chicken


We’ve all been there. You wipe chicken grease all over your favourite jeans or you forget you’ve been gorging on hot wings and you touch your eyes with the fires of hell (or worse, you touch somewhere even more sensitive...ouch).

But your fried chicken angst could soon be over, as KFC Japan is introducing these revolutionary finger napkins across 222 stores in an effort to enable you to still eat wings with your fingers like the good Lord intended, because only losers eat with a knife and fork.


Credit: Instagram/hashitag

Apparently, in a KFC press release, there werr a number of very concerned citizens worried about the cleanliness of their hands after eating a delicious bucket of the Colonel’s finest. This is where the...erm...chicken scientists came in with this ingenious form of keeping your two main eating fingers clean.

No longer do you have to suck at your shiny, slippery grabbers at the end of your meal like some sort of savage, obese feline. The future is bright. The future is tasty. But above all, it’s clean.

Finger lickin’ good? Not anymore. We don’t want to choke on plastic. We’ll just slowly clog our arteries up on that crispy skin, thanks.



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