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This bloke might have just fixed one of the most annoying BBQ problems


Look, the sun is sort of out today, so it’s summer, now, isn’t it? Summer’s here, start wearing shorts, basically. What happens in summer is BBQs, and with BBQs come burgers.

Of course, you can have burgers any time you want, and when it’s definitely raining tomorrow you can have them then, too. They’re pretty simple to make as well – all you need is a burger, some burger buns, cheese and maybe some lettuce/gherkin-type health arrangement. It’s all very simple.

However, things can go wrong, like buying hotdog buns instead of burger ones – have you ever tried eating a burger out of a hotdog bun? Yes you have, because they’re always the bread contingent left over at every single BBQ ever. This unfortunate situation befell Twitter user @lowkeyscum, but he’s made of pretty radical stuff, and he didn’t let a pissy mistake like that ruin his dinner:

If you don’t want to eat one of the above gourmet wonders, then there’s something clearly very wrong with you.

Saying that, it didn’t quite go to plan:

Still, practice makes perfect. And actually, it seems someone else had (loosely) the same idea – a food shack in Australia are already selling the "hamdog" hybrid. See it in all its calorific splendour here.



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