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Pictures of unstirred paint might be the most soothing thing on the internet


I dunno if you’ve noticed, but there’s a lot of bad stuff on the internet, isn’t there? The other day I saw a picture of a jar containing a My Little Pony model, which a man has been – how do I phrase this gently – doing a big wank into every day for like a year. He then accidentally left it all on a radiator and it boiled. It was quite bad, I didn’t like it.

It’s things like this, a My Little Pony cum jar, that make you feel really grateful when you come across a nice, wholesome corner of the internet. Somewhere that exists purely to calm your nerves at the end of a tough day. Somewhere like r/unstirredpaint – Reddit’s home for one of the best little internet niches, which does literally what it says on the tin.

Pictures of unstirred paint. They’re mesmerising, in the exact opposite way a jar full of My Little Pony cum is mesmerising. I’ll stop talking about that now, I promise. You could spend a good hour just scrolling through these photos and you’d have a great time. Look, here:

Red galaxy swallows blue galaxy with its giant yellow mouth:


Reddit / OSU7

The exploding heart:


Reddit / just_another_unicole

Creepy mystical forest:


Reddit / OdeToPower

Burst blue balloon:


Reddit / mwithington

The perfect teardrop:


Reddit / fucking_weebs

Driving into the sunset:


Reddit / ashmavis

The dying brain:


Reddit / DersDersderson

I’m watching you:


Reddit / Mr_BruceWayne

Starry starry night:


Reddit / TLambdon

Crashing waves:


Reddit / weirdlittlething

Aurora over the cliffs of Dover:


Reddit / cleeprevo

The jellyfish:


Reddit / kewday96

California sunrise:


Reddit / Kittyyyqueen

See, great aren’t they? You’re definitely relaxed now. If you want more of this kind of thing, get involved over at r/unstirredpaint.



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